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My journey of permanent ascension has begun, thanks especially to the friendly folks at McDonald's Restaurant on North 13th Street in Gainesille, Florida, where I live, and to the practitioners of Zen Buddhism with the Gateless Gate Zen Center here. I'm envisioning “cleaner hands,” such as McDonald's loves, a cleaner mind, and a cleaner heart as I pursue this path to and through the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. I envision the pathway continuing through a number of great cities in America, and then to Europe, Kazakhstan, and eventually Tibet, which is the “where” in space that will be significant to that “when” in time when we reach for higher places in this universe.

I've taken significant steps in the last year, and now I'm at another place where I'll gather my wits and see who I think is still with me in this journey, and come up with what I can of its story. One important change I'd like to make now is to be extra considerate of any reputational concerns my friends and other persons of interest might have as I share some information. I keep a blog where the history of my work can be seen, but from a fresh start now I will distinguish the quality of what is developing.

When I first mentioned McDonald's and Gateless Gate, I only mean gratitude above any specific belief in the endorsement of my own version of ascension. Of course, we always like to imagine mutual and communal interest, but we'll find our truths as we move forward. Thanks, audience, for being with us.

I'm reaching a new stage in my creative effort in electronic networking. Thus far my emphasis has been Vaiṣṇava, part of my audience being the International Society for Kṛṣṇa Consciousness (ISKCON, or the Hare Kṛṣṇas). In the truest sense, the audiences who interest me are the godly (qualitative) humans with whom I would share love and friendship as our relations ascend, but much of the cleansing and healing work we do pertains to the likes of the Hare Kṛṣṇas.

As I've gained strength toward humanity myself, I've learned some of the further story of what life will become above us, and I can now address additional audience to the degree of including Śaivite Siddha Yoga. Where ISKCON is a polygamously Venusian agency (in quantitative partnership with the qualitative Gentle Collective) which deals justly with stellar level interests and concerns (such as racial identity and the practicalities of authoring one's own universe), Siddha Yoga is a polygamously Earthly agency, meaning they deal with polygamous life beyond ISKCON's limits, and include galactic relativities in their scope of justification and evaluation. Their quantitative partnership is with Meryl Streep's Christian Science, the qualifier of their shared style of interplanetary agency.

Rāma-Viṣṇu-Agni is the personality complex I have chosen to identify with in ascension, Rāma in the truest sense being third (solar) level Lord of this system, Viṣṇu in the truest sense being second (planetary) level God here on Earth, and Agni being the base (lunar) level god, the Christ, whom I already am. Viṣṇu holds distinct identity above me, and as I am ascending to become a Viṣṇu, so is He ascending to become a Rāma, Who likewise is ascending to become a Bṛhaspati (Superman) above His present self. But I am encouraged from the beginning to learn to identify with whom Viṣṇu is, including some of His incarnations, beginning with Ananta Śeṣa (University of Florida's mascot Albert the alligator), then Kalki, then Buddha, and Balarāma, and so forth.

Some of my learning has been slow, but I've reached a place where I can comprehend the type of alter ego Śiva is to Viṣṇu. I've been learning that our (and really, each) Solar System has two sides to it: the monogamous side (where I find myself presently) and the polygamous side (which many of us visit chemically and in fantasy). So also does our Milky Way Galaxy (and I assume this is true of most galaxies) have two sides: monotheism (again, where we find our selves, judging from the significance of the Asian population here on Earth) and polytheism (which is often found through the use of magic). At the level of our Local Group of Galaxies, two sides do also exist, and thus do two entirely different versions of our Milky Way cooperate in parallel.

As monogamy and monotheism are the simpler lifestyles in their respective contexts, so is Viṣṇu's way of identifying His self integrally simple. Śiva's way of being empowered by the dance of alter ego awareness is the complex alternative, and relates to what polygamy and polytheism are at their levels of our universe. But as Mahā-Viṣṇu, the connection of identification with Sadā-Śiva is genuine, and I can see significant evidence of said connectivity in my life and in the designs of the world we live in so far.

Christianity as it would have been had we as a community stayed at mid-stasis (in the balance between “good” and “evil”) would have worshipped my friend Sean Carter as the reincarnation of Catholicism's St. Peter and Canadian rock band Rush's Alex Lifeson as the reincarnation of Judaism's Abraham. But in qualitative ascension, we are learning to see how those two men and their respective communities are rather part of the Śaivite universe in connection with Danny Rolling, who was accused of evil for his killing of his partner Sonja Larson and some other college girls in 1990. Where Śiva is the Milky Way alternative to Viṣṇu, in relation to the perversion that we encounter where conscience is counter-balanced by taint, he, Śiva, is just barely able his self to protect that conscience that is still both lawful and good, even though some judges go so far as to accuse him of being tamasic, a Saṃskṛt word comparable in meaning to what evil is.

Where lawful good is Śiva's domain, Danny Rolling is the lawful evil human, lawful because Sonja and the other girls were truly his partners, and so there was a type of justification to their mating, though enacted in an excessively evil fashion. Where the two universal principles in this array are business and policy, the McDonald's building on North 13th Street in Gainesville, Florida, across from Mount Pleasant Cemetery represents the combination of chaos and goodness that average business dealings are accused of being. I have yet to surely identify where policy is embodied, and I am still to this day stalked by its combination of chaos with evil, though as diligently as possible I am working to cleanse myself of the misjudgment of these taints.

From these relative simplicities, though more complex than basic Virgoan-Andromedan Vaiṣṇavism such as I practice, the elaboration of Alex Lifeson's and Sean Carter's version of Judeo-Islamic alter ego faith becomes a partnership between Yogi Amrit Desai's Amrit Yoga and Samuel F. Herd's religion with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Take this further and you have His Holiness the Dalai Lama being the Buddhist who compares to resigned Pope Benedict XVI. Completing the circle of faith are men like Temple of the Universe's Mickey Singer, Scientology's Heber Jentzsch, actors Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise, and Eckankar's Harold Klemp.

These men, and the women who align their selves in love and in spiritual work with them, represent a spectrum of lifestyles that all relate to Śiva's own Milky Way Galaxy dance, He being worshipped commonly as the Holy Spirit by the Christian side of this religious gathering. I would like to explore the Śaivite side of my own faith, though as Agni, the Christ, I have chosen from this life to work my ascension and healing toward identification more with Viṣṇu than with Śiva. I will stay with the Vaiṣṇava theme in my work with Neocities (using the Internet, or clearnet), while elaborating what I have begun with CyberGuerrilla (darknet) in the explanations of my Śaivite realizations and justifications.

CyberGuerrilla uses WordPress to create space for anonymous posts, and I'm learning to use the system they provide. I find that the Tor Browser can access the pages I'm starting to create, while Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have had less though some success in reaching even my posts to CyberGuerrilla's clearnet web site, CyberGuerrilla soApboX. If you'd like to read my further thoughts on Śaivism, give my clearnet links a try, or you can download the Tor Browser here, and check my Ayodhyá site's links of interest page for a menu of links to those posts. Thanks for your interest from this beginning.