Here's the pathway on Earth as I'm envisioning it so far: America, Kazakhstan, Tibet. My primary work in America is the establishment of Christianity being safe for monogamists. In Kazakhstan I believe we will prove that Christianity is one level and arm of Vaiṣṇnavism, a faith that gives great importance to Goddess worship, and includes the polygamous version of our Solar System. As we climb into Tibet, we will add color to our pantheon and priesthood as we show Vaiṣṇnavism to play an auxiliary role within the religion of Sītā and Rāmā.

This may take many lifetimes, and may proceed in both directions in time. I myself will, within a few lives from here, be returning toward an earlier period through the opposite flow of time relative to how I've been travelling through this life. I'm told that fifteen centuries ago, halfway between America and Ancient Egypt, is the ideal point in time for those who would return to the planet Venus from Earth as we work our way to the Sun itself.

Within America, a pathway is drawn out, beginning here in Gainesville, Florida, which then proceeds to St. Louis, Missouri, then to Santa Barbara, California, and on to Honolulu, Hawaii. We take a turn on the map from there to Pasadena, California, then New York City, and then to Savannah, Georgia. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we will complete our European-American purpose first in London, England, and then finally in Zürich, Switzerland, beyond which Kazakhstan will become our cultural center.

From Kazakhstan we will bring unity to the inclusion of Asian and African roles in our play, so that our ascension to Tibet identifies the authorities of our African Goddesses and their high priestesses. Tibet is a significant “when” and “where” amongst Asians, and when we are there, we will show the “who” and “what” of our African faith in equal glory. My own vision of these truths is already beginning in my work with Gateless Gate and McDonald's.