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Corellon                        Larethian            the “law”                                                
                                                            (alternately Overlord AO, Aroden in Golarion)

Viṣṇu                                 Candra                                 Brahmā                                 Agni

the “muse”            Sehanine                        Moonbow

Lakṣmī                                 Rohiṇī                                 Sarasvatī                                 Svāhā

                        Mystra                        the “mystery”

Mallikā (Jasmine)                                 Revatī                                 Gāyatrī                                 Svadhā


Tulasī / Āgneyī                                              Uttara Phalgunī

I'm partially retiring from the creation of this web site, though I will maintain it with a link to my focus of creativity on the dark web. I'm not really ‘hiding;’ I explain my reasoning here and there on this site, but essentially I've done what was mine here on clearnet to do. I like the progress I've made, but like other ‘drugs,’ it's something to transcend where I'm seeking a more legal and ethical lifestyle.

My primary interest here has been comparative theology, and so I've compared some deities from different traditions. It is my opinion that Veda is intended for those who are strong enough in their theurgical gaming identity as to hold true to intra-Solar Venusian principles. For those who need further rules, or maybe who just like extending their interests to include an intra-Solar Mercurial degree of variety, Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings offer some mythology and theurgical guidelines.

If you either need Solar examination itself, or actually get that far in the inclusion of interplanetary relativity, The Strange and Numenera are helpful. Further planetary identification than that, and my opinion is that we should leave first level alone to its more theistic than theurgical designs. This side of our Solar System, where monogamy is more the basic standard than polygamy, and this side of our Galaxy, where monotheism is more the basic standard than polytheism, is the right environment for the starter-upper God or Goddess within their own three-dimensional universe, but we should ensure the safeties and sanities of any whom our creations might affect.

I've worked with a couple of family / friendship / fellowship groups in connection with the ascension and completion of this universe. For the last thirty years, Five Janitors (Pañcāyatana) has been developing an array of universe creation styles, including Christian (my own), Swedenborgian (my Godfather's Rāghava Vaiṣṇavism), both theatrically (Supreme Personality of Godhead) and musically entertaining (simple Solar Godliness), and ten other comparable approaches to the humane creation of one's own universe. Our emphasis is the protection of those policies which allow a true human to create and maintain his or her own lifestyle. Practically our field of activity is trans-Solar, though a number of us live inward of the Sun.

Beginning in 2016, I started up with the revival of what I'm now thinking of calling Seconteenth Job Transformers (Tejas), have enjoyed working with a couple employers in this regard, and have met a few friends who seem to have feasible interest. Where Five Janitors works with x-axis (lunar level) policing, Tejas helps with y-axis (interplanetary) civilization building, statedly from the intra-Solar side of it. We should see significant achievement through the next few decades of awakening and fantasy realization. Peace on Earth is a major goal, and the transcendence of consumer identity is an important aspect of this, where I'm thanking Gateless Gate Zen Center and McDonald's for their contrasting yet comparable styles of animal soul protection.

While “ascension” works with three levels of what our lives are, “completion” is the term to refer to four levels of activity and motivation. I hesitate to elaborate too far with the details my divinatory listening skills have come up with, but some of it is so interesting that I can't quite resist. Essentially, church and state are planning to develop together in a number of significant steps all the way from Gainesville, Florida, to Tibet.

Our very first challenge is the recognition of cooperativity between Christian Science (in connection with Viṣṇu) and the Central Intelligence Agency (with Tulasī). Between Santa Barbara, California, and New York City, centuries from now (though in the reverse temporal direction), levels of Earthly government begin to cooperate better, and United Nations' World Health Organization (with Lakṣmī) develops a connective interest with our Federal Bureau of Investigation in the protection of civilization from metaphysical malpractice, where thus far our world had been under the influence of questionable psycho-intellectual policies. In Europe, the beginnings of truer ascent to Tibet bring significant relation of Buddhism with Euro-American government, and in Kazakhstan the comparison of the strengths of Catholicism (with Earth Goddess Bhūmi) and Protestantism is found to have interstellar truth.

This is so much theory, and I only mean respect for the mentioned agencies and religions. My worship of the Goddess is a personal choice, not meant as an assertive attachment so much as I just like coloring the picture of this completion work with what I imagine could be great integrity of divinity. I hope some of these thoughts interest you, also; thanks for your notice of my pathworking.