I've been researching the Archie Comics collection of stories in the context of its associates. There seems to be a grand design to it, and I'll try to draw a mental picture of it here. We begin with Archie's friends, each representing a significant friend of mine, who in the pattern work with subtler and/or further reaches of media in our religion, step by step.

I as Archie work with what work is itself, which includes digestion and is animate by design (the anus being its expression). My Godfather Jeff as Jughead works with listener's media (the ears), which is vegetal in nature. My best friend Mike as Dilton works with audience (in connection with the hands), which is petrous.

Our God, Bill Perry, as Pop Tate reaches those who question (in connection with the feet), said media being elemental in nature, such as the electrochemistry of drugs or telephony or the Internet. John Schneider as Moose enjoys mastery of fantasy roleplaying gaming, which includes spirituality and workplace agenda (the armpits being the biology of it). Ericson as Jason Blossom is the perfect friend for sharing the exploration of shape-changing media (belly button), college being where so many of us find this.

Tristan as Kevin works with life breath (the nose). David as Reggie deals with money and microcosm (the eyes). Our friend Ed reaches furthest limit in this pattern with the nervous system (crown). All together our religion covers a great variety of interests in communicative media. We address a significant scope of faith and awareness.