Equality is the only interest I've ever truly had. I can and will elaborate here with stories of how various Gods and Goddesses relate. I'm plenty monotheistic, but the cultures of Earth do tell a greater story that both includes simple focus and heavenly aura.

I grew up in temples and churches, but theism properly began for me when I converted from Śaivism to Vaiṣṇavism as a young adult. I had brief and theoretical identifications with Christhood, but religious position was less of a priority for me than finding personal truth. Later in adulthood I began to have visions of David Hasselhoff as Viṣṇu and spent many years (from 1998 to 2016) practicing a living faith in God above me yet in a significant way being asleep to what theism can be when it becomes theurgy.

Looking back on that stage in what I have now accepted as being true theurgy, I see that I did have valid Christhood, and was slowly awakening to the reality of learning to identify with who Viṣṇu is above me. There are infinite levels of Godliness above us, and from what I gather, the Gods and Goddesses who teach us to worship Them do teach us to worship our selves and each other, including to the degree of quality in our worship whereby we can eventually become as They are.

Apparently there are infinite parallels, too, and as the theurgical couple work their corrective process, they find many choices in relation to the worlds above. My own choosing has brought me to the faith that Divinity above me is ascending with me in such a fashion that Heavenly God is becoming His own God above Him, Who is likewise becoming His higher self. We can envision it as a vertical train, and I'll describe some of the information I have of those Deities that I am following upwardly.

There are many versions of who Christ could be, and initially I learned that I held office here on Earth for a complete 26,000 year cycle of axial precession (our planet wobbles slowly, and the Ages of the Zodiac are based on its cycle). As I was awakening, I realized my own need to become a better me, and as I found the option to permanently ascend to Heaven, I chose it. In so doing, I've been learning more about the designs of Christhood.

The Christ in his sleeping aspect is represented by the Latin letter ʃ (esh) in connection with the Hebrew letter ש (šīn). Esh resembles the snake, and Christ's reptilian spirit form in animate theurgy is the alligator (Albert if you're a Florida Gators fan, maybe), reptilian self being connected with awakening from sleep. The letter šīn is the middle of five letters in each of the two names לקשמי (in Sanskrit Lakṣmī, the higher self of Jesus' Mary Magdalene) and וישנו (Viṣṇu, Christ's own higher self).

Many centuries will be spent working up toward the realization of becoming the God whom Viṣṇu had been before His ascension will have made a Rāma of Him. Vaiṣṇavism is a very significant religion, with many arms thanks to His very colorful array of “incarnations,” and including His numerous servants like the Christ, and Brahmā, and is very cooperative with “sibling” religions like Śaivism. It is already true that the type of lifestyle that men and women like us share, though at varying levels of authority, allows a type of identification, but we should specify that it is merely that for now; though I could already be a Viṣṇu, it is not true that I am “The” Viṣṇu above me.