introduction drug schedule update mythology temp notes whoops

year psychoactive chemical axis of adjustment electronic activity
water x (intellectual longitude) e-correspondence
magnesium w (social spissitude) Freenet (?)
caffeine z (social altitude) dark web site
alcohol y (social latitude) personal web site
DXM (dextromethorphan) x (social longitude) Facebook
LSD gross w introduction to the Internet
[alchemical mercury] subtle z
[naphthalene] causal y

This table shows the chemico-electronic aspect of my ascension / completion process, best I can put it together, including some history beyond my direct perception and some future beyond my surity of its manifestation. I have used many drugs, from LSD to alcohol to magnesium, but I put into [brackets] those two chemicals which I'm given to believe were not applied any closer to my own awareness than subtly. I have successfully completed my LSD, DXM, and alcohol processes, and have been using caffeine to further my transcendence of consumerism.

The illegality vs. acceptability of these drugs becomes milder as we progress from axis to axis of adjustment. In this Solar System, I live in the simplest of eight octants: the surface portion of intra-Solar Earth, qualitative side. This means that LSD is illegal here, but some other psychoactive drugs are legal.

DXM is legal here, though with restrictions, but I'm told illegal on the other (quantitative) side of Earth, due to the longitudinal adjustments its user is making to his own biosocial makeup and possibly to any alter-ego relativities. Alcohol is legal, again with restrictions, inward of the Sun, but it has significant latitudinal biosocial affects beyond the Sun, where femininity and polygamy are often the adjustment targets. Caffeine is quite legal and acceptable, but it works sub-surface relativities to adjust the altitude of its user, as I'm beginning to notice now that it has replaced earlier drugs of choice.

Magnesium is supposedly a “super-drug,” helping one compare the influences here on Earth of the Catholic and Protestant Churches. It is compared to kryptonite, and helps us to adjust that integrity that the likes of Superman possesses. Becoming free from the influence of the Church appeals to many of us who are as simple as I am.