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Vedic (intra-Solar Venusian) Religion Dungeons & Dragons (intra-Solar Mercuriality)
  Forgotten Realms  
 glory   sanctity justice   grace   glory/sanct just/grace 4th Edit 5th Edit Eberron Golarion
Sītā Tulasī Vāc Āgneyī Eilistraee
Mallikā (Jasmine) Gāyatrī Svadhā Mystra Mystra
(Saraṇyū) Lakṣmī Sarasvatī Svāhā
Rohiṇī Sehanine Moonbow Selûne
(Sūrya) Viṣṇu Brahmā Agni Amaunator AO / Azuth Aroden
Bhadra / Aditi Lliira Ioun Iomedae
Rāma Viṣṇu Kuvera Abadar
Candra Corellon Larethian Zuoken
Xan Yae
Kalki's Padmā Hanali Celanil Sune Istus
Varāha's Bhūmi Angharradh Geshtai Silver Flame
Aerdrie Faenya Akadi Aeren
Isis (Mulhorandi)
Danifae Yauntyrr Red Knight Dol Arrah
Morwel (Lillith?)
Araushnee (Lolth)
Ṛg Brahmā (Nārada) Solonor Thelandira
Lakṣmaṇa Sāma Labelas Enoreth
Yajur Erevan Ilesere
Atharva Rillifane Rallathil
another Brahmā Ilmater

Here are some ideas I have in connection with comparative mythology. A lot of it I'm pretty sure makes sense, but here and there I question the feasibility of what I'm doing with some guesswork. I've grouped these divine identities according to themes, such as the Brahminical / Agneyist faiths of Lakṣmī-Viṣṇu, the Baklunish religion of E. Gary Gygax's Greyhawk, further Lillithian relations beyond Tulasī's Eilistraee, and then the four heads of five-headed Brahmā.

I have such further interest mythologically that I will do a lot more exploration of comparative theism / theurgy on my dark web site, but I wanted to outline my core vision here for the more casual audience. Creativity upward really is a process that includes the “each other” aspect of life, and so as alone as I still am, I have to confess that any of this could change. I like thinking of becoming an Agni as I progress, but without communicative interest from any potential Svāhā, it's just a dream, if even.


āvartanō nivṛttātmā saṁvṛtaḥ saṁpramardanaḥ |      
ahaḥ saṁvartakō vahniranilō dharaṇīdharaḥ || 25 ||

“one who as fire carries the offerings made to the devas in sacrifices”