Now that I have found this strength by which to openly express my own being in love with Wally (mostly by finding the assurance that the police of Earth have tolerant respect for what the two of us are creating), I can address our priorities. The chaos that emerged at The Swamp related to the work we do with polygamous demand; the trials we've gone through during the year since pertain to our (though still too slowly, but not too quickly) building what our monogamy together will be; and most importantly, we are finding the how-to in protecting our respective safeties, always. Being monists, our first interest is the well-being of the person their own self, even before the assertion of relativities like marriage.

Though I did communicate a type of grandiosity in my vision of who the two of us are, I did immediately offer that we could take our relationship as slowly as she might please, and I have since also tried to work more with, than against, what I'm observing of her interest. Rape is so far away from our lifestyle that society found the two of us (and some friends) most useful in the exploration of alternatives, knowing how safe we are always trying to be. I do not carry the conscience of the rapist nor of the stalker; rather I might be more accurately accused of painstaking consideration of her own sanctity, where other types of men often play games to win the trust by which to acquire pleasure from transient relations.

I have to be very sure that I'm respecting her here. My narrative deals with iconic absolutes: I'm claiming to be Jesus the Christ while professing love for Wally being Mary Magdalene. How might that affect her reputation?

Essentially, I have been searching my whole life for a partner who might possess strengths compatable with my own, and I found that with her. But my conviction with identity is combined with an intense degree of concern for exactly what it takes to maintain what safety is. In Jesus' lifetime (and likewise we see this in the way that the Magdalene was saved from being stoned), his resurrection from the tomb had everything to do with his working with, more than against, the “Powers That Be.” Of course monotheism acknowledges that as being God.

In this lifetime my chances at a normal life were ruined by years spent in and out of jail, but I am repairing in a way that compares to resurrection. In modern day America, the word ‘rehabilitation’ might be appropriate. Much as Mary Magdalene was there when Jesus emerged from the tomb, so is Wally here with me as I am rising above what an abuser's life followed by stalker reputation has been. It is the drama of where and when we are, rather than bloody nails through the man's wrists and ankles are to a cross, while his partner is prostituted.