There are two different pathways leading us forward from the chaos at The Swamp: the twenty-seven year third level friendship pathway, which brought the legality of polygamy from evil status up to its now merely chaotic position; and the monogamous love healing pathway which Wally and I have been working now at Starbucks. I am, with interest in my own monogamy, paying much more attention to the second. At The Swamp last year a number of us were bringing our local universe (this specific parallel of Earth) across the line from evil to chaos, and this supposedly included some secretive work with the University of Florida across the street, cleansing what had theoretically been some very subtle level (meaning other dimension) but retired torture chamber business.

Some time after I lost my work there due to confessing love to Wally, I gained employment at McDonald's on North 13th Street here in Gainesville, directly across from Mount Pleasant Cemetery, where the salvation work some subtle voices suggested we were part of carried the ethic of goodness to replace some of the chaos of death, where earlier reports of haunting in that graveyard suggested evil had been there at one time. This was the right opportunity for me to slow my feelings of love from the excessively fast pace of (theoretical) relationship breakage that had me so unsure of what was happening at The Swamp. It was a step up in my efforts toward worthiness.

Now I'm working for Action Labor, and catty-corner from us is the Gainesville Police Department with the Rosa B. Williams Center. Now we are combining law with goodness. These three subphases in the healing of ethical safety in love have been in connection with the temporal concerns of the United States Government, and especially in connection with Gainesville's local police. I believe that Wally and I have been very honest with our selves, each other, and political authority, in the sharing of our experience of surviving that initial burst of chaos from the evil before it, twenty-seven years after Danny Rolling and Sonja Larson made their move in the legalization of polygamy from where it had been much less accepted than it is becoming.

The second subphase begins with my online report to the Chuch of Scientology's Religious Technology Center (specifically David Miscavige). Having gained strength through some notes shared on the message board at Starbucks with Wally, I finally realized the police were no longer going to stop the two of us from developing love, and so I looked to see what the designs of furtheration might be. The fourth principle in life is often ‘policy’ (first being simplicity, next partnership, third media), and in the three arms of Nārada Muni's religion, the fourth persons in each series at the fourth level are Reverend Larry Reimer (voice→mouth: “Praise”), David Miscavige (heart→sex: “Naked”), and the President of the United States (digestion→root “Self”).

Our own relationship and a good many of our friends are well within the “Praise” of this greater religion, and we are slowly working from further away toward a lifestyle closer to our interest. The first subphase having been too close to being policed, and Wally having been the one to make the phone call, I decided I would take a step and report the “Naked” truth of my own identification of monistic identity with Wally in the beginnings of our revival of the faith of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. So, having sent many reports to him in the past, I greeted him and said something like “Hi, David - I'm still Jesus, but I found Mary Magdalene - here's a link to my web site - love you and glad we're still friends.”

The achievement of adequate slowness in our procedure has its foundation now with government, and next we'll see how the Church affects our pace in love. I am more optimistic with Scientology, as I've always had a significant respect for the healing they bring to Earth and to its human people. As I learned for the past couple months to trust that police are our friends also, so do I look forward to reconnection with the vision of who Scientology is.