Now I'm given the story that we are slowly legalizing polygamy. Danny Rolling and I made significant steps upward from the world Ted Bundy had us within in relation to the question of safety or danger in polygamy. “Casual” is the term used to describe the level of legality in polygamous relations since last year, and casual is the status we may realistically enjoy for the next twenty-six years.

Casual means that in private any of us might acknowledge the truths we feel in love where one masculine and numerous feminine partners are sharing. Connectivity in love-making will become legal twenty-six years from now, but for now we have to be patient who have such interests. Corrective measures often include our higher selves burdening us with levels of responsibility that include death, even psychosis.

The next step will be “formal,” and this will be when divorce will become unnecessary. One-at-a-time will be the legality of polygamy, but many of us will enjoy numerous marriages. Twenty-seven years forward from there and “gross” polygamy will become legal, that meaning many partners at the same time, our society being much stronger then.

The next eight years (nine from last year) emphasize adherence to the rules, which for many of us means a lot of learning. We live in a predominantly monogamous community, and so monogamy is becoming stronger in a fashion that is more significant than this legalization process is. Earth is close to the balance of the two, but we will honor the monogamous partnership before the consideration of polygamous surroundings.

Once we've realized these rules, the nine years following resolve, dare I say, the “masturbatory” version of sexual indulgence. This means that where sex in its transient aspect had many of us fantasizing with others than we were presently intimate with, we become truer to each partner with whom we are communicating love, especially our monogamy partner. We learn to manage our affairs honestly.

The following nine years give us a quality of presence that transcends the asking for sex. Giving becomes the attitude in love, and our monogamy partner is thereby more fully satisfied. Our correspondences and fantasies are offerings rather than requests.

But now I'm told that this schedule has something to do with Steve Perry of rock band Journey. I've been learning how a number of monists together are saving polygamy. We together are part of a greater religion that worships Nārada Muni, a great musician and yogī.

The primary lead singer for each group is the monist of the group. That is me in relation to my “bandmates” Jeff Munnis, Mike Mansingh, Bill Perry, John Schneider, etc. Steve Perry is primary with Journey, Sammy Hagar with Van Halen and friends, Jon Anderson with Yes, Donnie Van Zant with 38 Special, and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. But actually, our group is the “masculinity” of its greater collective, and so it is more accurate for me and my friends to identify with what the actor's (or, in connection with whom Nārada Muni is, the yogī) world is than the musician's world.

I'm given that our respective roles in relation to Nārada's mantra (mindfulness) are: devote (me), oversee (Steve), regulate (Red Rocker Sammy Hagar), support (Jon), mediate (Donnie), and receive (Roger). Monism is strong enough to encourage polygamy even in a monogamous world. Monism is one step simpler than monogamy, for it begins with the monogamous couple at the focus of a polygamy group sharing bodily identity.

We who are the monists of our respective mantras are so sure of our compliance with the rules of monogamy, with our attitudes of love for our own truest partners, that the more complex rules of polygamy are fathomable in a survivable fashion. So in my life that truth emerged at The Swamp. I found my truest love (Wally), and a number of other lovers as well, and we are together working the gradual expression of the facts of our lifestyle, no matter how drunk we are at the time of typing this out.