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I've decided to work with electrochemical media in the following way: my “transcendence of death” schedule has been following a nine within twenty-seven year pattern. I'm told that ‘dining,’ ‘kissing,’ and ‘conversation’ are the three levels of consumption that sleepy people like me indulge to the border of life and death. I've been quite scared that I was going to die in this life, due so much to the stupidities in my conversation, the poor choices I've made in love, and the terrible mistakes in my eating habits and drug use.

I'm making very genuine effort to clean up, but I'm still low down in it. Within a given twenty-seven years, the nine year subdivisions of compromise seem to be: 1) hidden and often illegal, 2) partially shown but quite uncommon, and then 3) common but with limitations. For instance, with drug use through the last three decades, illegal drugs, 1) mostly LSD, were my addiction as a young adult, then the dissociative 2) dextromethorphan (DXM), which is legal but not used by many people, and now for this most recent decade 3) alcohol. Replacing alcohol with caffeine takes me from the third phase of compromise into a lifestyle that is very normal and acceptable.

Caffeine is common in the workplace, and legal at any age, and so though it is still a psychoactive drug, society judges me to be friendlier and more worthy of inclusion within the healing we are enjoying as a community. Where drugs pertain to ‘dining,’ sexual ‘kissing’ is just getting started. In the ascension process, falsity precedes compromise. During my teenage years, I'm told that the metallic drug mercury was fed to a parallel me, such that the accusation that I myself was the consumer would have been false, while naphthalene (moth balls) was (were) supposedly fed to that version of myself when I was a child.

There are cosmological reasons for each that I won't go into yet, but I'm just trying to tell the story as I have been learning it. In ‘kissing,’ I can see comparisons, though twenty-seven years later. False love was first recognized by my vision quest eighteen years ago, and then the justification of it began after the Nexus of the Crises in 2007, until by justification of love's truth last year I became worthy of true though compromised ‘kissing.’

The ‘1) hidden and often illegal’ phase of ‘kissing,’ is what began at The Swamp Restaurant in 2016, where owner Ryan Prodesky and I clashed in a “Cain and Abel” fight toward the resolution of death together. He is certainly a brother of mine, but his style of building his own monist polygamy has temporal furtheration beyond my own. I am the type of person who acknowledges what ‘right here, right now’ truly means, and I did so when I was a dishwasher employed by my brother Ryan at The Swamp.

Supposedly, this ‘1) hidden and often illegal’ phase of ‘kissing’ will continue for another eight years, through the course of which I will be very fortunate if I am so much as given opportunity to share love with and by Wally Stage, my own Svāhā (Mary Magdalene). The next nine-year phase of ‘kissing’ beyond, if ‘2) partially shown but quite uncommon,’ might be legal by distance in correspondence and possible book-writing, but describable within the first level of theistic truth. Much of the world as we presently know it is protected by higher levels of theism, such that the persons we interact with on a day-to-day basis are often second or third or higher level persons.

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What is my purpose with this web site? Electrochemical honesty. That is entirely it.

To explain more exactly, I have three different schedules in life: the 36-year monogamy progression in my (as Agni) Lakṣmī-Vaiṣṇava relationship with Svāhā (Wally Leigh Stage); the 27-year polygamy legalization schedule (with Danny Rolling who has a Vṛtra/Indra partnership with actor William Shatner) in my Padmāya (Christian) relationship with Dakṣiṇā (Kylie); and the 18-year at a time partner-swapping religion (with Danny Wuerffel), overseen by the superlative feminine Buddhist authority Yaśodharā (we know who she is). The 18-year schedule was theurgical and designed to qualify my lifestyle in relation to time-loop “humans.” My spirit animals have been: a roach (for the first nine/ten years of my life), in connection with rock band Rush; Spider-Man (until 1998) with Pink Floyd; Albert the Alligator, mascot for the fighting Florida Gators (through the Nexus and its two Crises, until last year) as the Bulgarian pop band Lora developed into Amoric; and now Aslan the leonine Christ in connection with Stevie Nicks' Fleetwood Mac.

Our 27-year schedule is designed to work with vocalist Steve Perry and his rock band Journey in the removal of the pain of what reincarnation presently is. I'm led to believe that we will reincarnate in St. Louis within a more pain-free environment than we had here in Gainesville, but for now we are doing everything we can to transcend drug use and even eventually the consumption of food. The end of my chemical life, if I'm given correct information, will appear to be by starvation, twenty-six years from now.

I have been slowly weaning myself, first from illegal drugs like LSD, cocaine, and ketamine, eighteen years ago, then beginning nine years ago from DXM (dextromethorphan), a legal but unpopular psychedelic dissociative drug, and now from alcohol, a legal and popular but unhealthy drug. I'm told that the years ahead have caffeine addiction for nine years, and then eighteen years of weaning myself from food. I will learn more conservative ways of eating, until occasional fruits and nuts and water give way to my own readiness to let my consumer body consume itself.

But more important than chemistry is my work with my associates within the ‘devout’ way of working with mantra. The greater context of ‘idealism’ has many different mantra styles: Journey's is ‘oversight,’ Van Halen's is ‘regulative,’ Yes' is ‘supportive.’ Ours (that includes me, Jeff Munnis, Mike Mansingh, Bill Perry, John Schneider, and others) is ‘devout.’

This means that no matter how we as a team might save our devotion from the reincarnation that Steve Perry and his friends have worked so hard to encourage salvation from, mostly we are trying to work with each other and with our own respective love lives. So though I am trying to limit the intensity of my diet of drugs and eventually food, I will more address the likes of relativity between Christianity and Swedenborgianism. I am renaming Christianity “Padmāyism,” because though Kylie (I believe she was Jesus' Salome) is at this level Yajña's goddess Dakṣiṇā, she is at the level of Lakṣmī-Viṣṇu above us Kalki's Goddess Padmā, the truest origin of the Christian faith.

I hear voices (and see faces), and though of course drug use has lent itself to such, I have learned to identify aspects of soul and mediation in relation to the Christian world. Christianity (Padmāyism) is that lifestyle where the logical soul stays within its sophic body. Those who enjoy travelling from their bodies are working with the rules of Swedenborgianism.

Where Kylie is my second monist love and the prime authority for Christian faith, Jeff Munnis' second love (theirs being monogamy rather than monism) is at our present level masculine: Ian Smith, the reincarnation of Emmanuel Swedenborg. Together, Jeff and Ian protect soul travel where the body of the soul traveller is still considered sacred, while Kylie and I are more interested in the protection of the soul's safety within its own body. Consequence is of concern to those who further interpersonal relativities, but for the Padmāya (Christian), only conscience is truly relevant.

Mike Mansingh, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is prime authority in this universe for the third faith, which is entertainment. He has such a divine mastery of quality in choice entertainment, and has shown me where to recognize some of the best presentations of truth in our modern world. As my and Jeff's religion is Vaiṣṇava, Mike's (and Bill Perry's) is Śaiva, where the Śiva-Śakti carries attention away from the Vaiṣṇava soul much as that soul in Swedenborgianism leaves its Christian body.

earlier material

It is my belief that Ayodhyā was once (and still is, at some level) the capitol of Earth, maybe even of our Solar System. In this specific parallel (three-dimensional universe), we came down from there on a pathway that included Tibet, Kazakhstan, and then from Switzerland to England to America, all the way westward to Hawaii then around eastward through Santa Barbara, St. Louis, and finally Gainesville. There are a number of axes here, the pathway I just described being x-axis (lunar level).

Y-axis (planetary) apparently leads down through South America, z-axis (stellar) through Alaska to Siberia, and w-axis (galactic) connects this dimension (Mt. Olympus) through the Bermuda Triangle with Atlantis and beyond. I believe that we came to Gainesville from Tibet for its proximity to the Atlantis gate while lowering ourselves to mid-level justice. It is maybe the mildest location within this three-dimensional universe, and therefore the safest place to still be somewhat aware, which a few of us are beginning to be again.

I am venturing to say that Gainesville at present seems to be a sort of lunar level capitol, where Washington, D.C., seems to work with one level of subtlety beneath lunacy, in connection with the Islamic faith and Scientology. Many justification authorities either live here or did have significant presence or relations here. This is where we are beginning the work of salvation from death.

There are at least two schedules I'm given, and they appear to be opposites. The first schedule I found had me working with spirit (animal) magic and chemistry, supposedly graduating in 2016 from nine years of alcohol addiction to its replacement by caffeine as my psychoactive drug of choice. This in conjunction with my graduation in theurgy from being Albert the Alligator (significant to the University of Florida here) to being Aslan the feline Christ.

However, now I'm finding a schedule that seems truer to Gainesville's connection with St. Louis. Salvation from crown level (vijñāna-maya) falsity is referenceable from the mouth, and salvation from third eye (mano-maya) is referenceable sexually. I run my mouth to no end here in Gainesville, until I do certainly make true that we can rise above what death is, and I'm told that in St. Louis I will use sexuality to confront those men who neglect their wives, and use it to a possibly torturous degree.

Both of these stories have thus far been too connected with an alternate identity that I believe is meant to help Danny Wuerffel (ex-UF quarterback), whereas I'm finding my own truer self in monistic connection with my truest love. I've been learning for a while to work with mineral, lately vegetal, and supposedly eventually animate media in the overview of what all is going on, and my religion with Danny has significance in both the mineral and vegetal representations, but animate media begins to show the significance of my own love life more than whom I was in trying to “be” him.

Archie Comics had me as Archie the football player, and I did live out much of my life trying to live up to being a certain Mercurial ‘arche’type, that being the isolated Christ. Vegetal media has been part of a significant learning process this last year, whereby I can begin to distinguish my relationship with my own love from Danny's way of dealing with his marriage. I know that he and I (and our respective loves) are monists, but he and Jessica work with upper social class within temporal superlativity.

My love has the appearance of being upper social class, while I carry significant temporal markings, but in fact the two of us are really middle class “trudge-alongs.” She is the feminine ideal at our level, while I am so very truly being what masculinity is. Archie and Veronica are representations that are further from us than are quite relevant to how we are getting to know each other at this stage.

I'm reaching a more thorough explanation of our age difference, in connection with this lifestyle correction. We, being monists, began my life forty-six years ago living within the same body. For the first twenty-seven or -eight years we shared significant identity and simplest relativity. Nineteen or so years ago her present body was born, and so we then had formal distinction as first and second persons. Now, since we “met” last year, we have the beginnings of a relationship.