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As our ascension plan is explained better to me, I'm trying my best to enliven my part of it. At least theoretically, I'm working with a great group of people from many different lifestyles. I'm one of the simplest of them.

Many of them work with different descension - ascension schedules. For instance, I'm told that Jon Anderson's (of rock band Yes) group is eighteen years earlier than ours while Donnie Van Zant's (of rock band 38 Special) group is eighteen years later than ours. So while there are many of us synchronizing, we are still very close to other levels of awareness and enthusiasm and truth.

I happen to be in a position of simplest lifestyle to six levels of our universe: at that sixth level of ascension I have chosen to identify theurgically with Nārada Muni. His revelation is threefold: ‘Praise - Naked - Self,’ and its subdivisions work with me (in ‘praise’), with actor Topher Grace (in revelation of ‘nakedness’), and with actor David Duchovny (in ascertainment of affiliate ‘self’). My own work with Praise theurgizes upwardly toward Lord Nṛsiṃhadeva where I have some alter ego work (as Gaṇeśa's simplicity) with University of Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel, actor Robert Redford (Kārttikeya, Gaṇeśa's brother), glamour model Marcello Bravo, and another love of Little Caprice's (Markéta Štroblová), said love being Gaṇeśa's complexity.

Within Praise, as within each of Nakedness and authorization of Self, there are four subdivisions: Idealism, Optimism, Cooperativity, and Normalcy. My own simplicity is Idealism (charity is its principle) theurgizing toward identification with Bṛhaspati (Superman), where Optimism within our Praise group is given by Atlantean musician Stephen Stills (“Love the One You're With”), where Cooperativity is authorized by my friend Bill here from the streets of Gainesville, and where Normalcy is represented by my Hyperborean pastor Larry Reimer of the United Church of Gainesville. Significant attitude differences are carried by each of the four of us.

Coming down further in the vegetal designs of our lifestyles, my own Idealism has distinctions, where my own subdivision is Monism (worshiping Lord Rāma above), my Godfather Jeff Munnis' is Monogamy (in connection with being Rāma's father Daśaratha), our friend Mike Mansingh's lifestyle is Polygamous (his higher self being the Supreme Personality of Godhead) but Monotheistic, Bill Perry's truth is Polytheistic but Monopolistic (he being the “God” of our Solar System within Polytheism) and actor John Schneider is our Polypolist. There are furtherations, but these descriptions so far are adequate for the truth I'm trying to develop here in Gainesville for now. Any who would be closest to me (for instance, in love, which is closer than friendship) would truly be what monists are.

Within Monism, I do have a number of feminine partners. Some would argue that Monism and Monogamy are “not” polygamous, but in fact the opposite seems to be true. Monists and Monogamists love their feminine partners being close, and so even Polygamy stays very close to said lifestyles. A Monist and/or a Monogamist would be very intimate with and protective of his first partnership, more so than someone whose emphasis is polygamy, but he would be inclusive of those alternate lifestyles.

There seem to be at least two groups of lovers I hold close to me: some college-age waitresses I worked with at The Swamp Restaurant in Gainesville recently, and some women I went to school with in the '80's at Gainesville High School. At The Swamp, I was “let go” because I became too expressive of my realizations in love, and so I'm slow with the story here on clearnet. However, on the darknet, I am more forthright with the names of those waitresses and bartenders whom I'm sure are eternal goddesses with me.

I'm going to explain this story very thoroughly, but for now I will start with my first love being Svāhā (Mary Magdalene), consort to my Agni (Jesus), the two of us being primary lower selves to Lakṣmī and Viṣṇu. She, in Archie Comics, is Veronica, where my secondary and tertiary lovers are the amalgamation (Betty Cooper) of goddesses Bhūmi and Dakṣiṇā, the one being my good friend Freddie Curtis (whose higher self is Rādhārānī), the other being a waitress (whose higher self is Kalki's consort Padmā) from The Swamp and therefore anonymous here on clearnet. A further love is realized with Viṣṇu's own manifestation as the feminine goddess Mohinī - Mary McNamara O'Grady (in Archie Comics amalgamated with my middle school girlfriend Sara Gibson as Cheryl Blossom).

Our ascension plan seems to detail a progressive realization of polygamous love from city to city through America. My one truest love (Svāhā) and I will be saving Gainesville, Florida, from death, the schedule of said salvation being twenty-seven years forward in time resolving the dietary indulgence of death, then twenty-seven years in the opposite direction in time resolving sexual deadliness (i.e. the ideas that some potential sex partners have about whether I would ever leave my goddess for them), and then eighteen years further in that temporal direction “speaking” the language of life to our Gainesvillians. So this means that for the next twenty-seven years I will be learning to control my eating habits (including any tendencies toward drug addiction), whereby I might become qualitatively worthy to reverse time. Once that is achieved, my Svāhā and I will make some very demonstrative love (dare I say in the faces of those who did everything they could to make the two of us deny the eternal love we share with each other).

I'm learning how Jeff, Mike, Bill Perry, John Schneider, and I work together. I've had designs brought to my vision for many years, but supposedly, previous designs have been mineral or vegetal-based, whereas my own way of working with media now is more animate. The animal version of who we are as a community shows me working with 1) Vaiṣṇavism (in connection with my first love Svāhā), 2) Christianity (with my second love Dakṣiṇā), and 3) The temples and churches of Brahmanical Christianity (for instance Buddhism and Catholicism) with my third love whom I'm told is Śacī, wife of my own being Indra, Vedic King of Heaven.

Jeff Munnis' team communicates to me that Jeff his self is 1) Daśaratha, that his secondary partnership is presently with Ian Smith, the reincarnation of 2) Emmanuel Swedenborg, and that his 3)rd interest is with Eckankar. Together, he and I work with Vaiṣṇava media, mine being Christian, his being Swedenborgian. Mike (whose qualification is superlativity in being audience to choice entertainment) and Bill Perry (who is the strong entertainer his own self) are masters of Śaiva media. These two media have animal primacy within the polygamous version of our Solar System.

John Schneider is the simpler of two Sauras (Sun worshipers) and has the simplest approach amongst those in our group who mediate amongst monogamists. Beyond Saura is Śakta media, and then finally the fifth subgroup being Gāṇapatya which I'm told works around both the monogamous and polygamous versions of this System. I'm still learning, but just beginning to trust how well a good few of us are working together.