More on the ascension story, the details I'm finding take us further into Kazakhstan and then Tibet, but initially a few directions in America as well as residence in England and then Switzerland before Kazakhstan. All the way down here, apparently deals were made involving some very opposite lifestyles, such that a few of us have our paths crossed differently than we will eventually have to. Two friends whose names I'm hesitant to mention are representing lifestyles that are entirely in other dimensions, their two selves only being here where we are to reference the “otherness.”

I don't expect friendship to be reliable sooner than a turning eastward in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some of us will be building our love lives from Gainesville, Florida, through St. Louis, Missouri, then through Santa Barbara, California, and on westward to Hololulu, where Jeff Munnis and I will finally be able to join our two religions (Swedenborgianism and Christianity) in a way that makes a worthy offering to the United States of America and its people. That's where we return eastward to Pasadena, California, and then to some other cities of significance.

Prior to that turn, however, some of the weaknesses in some of my closest friendships will be exposed and addressed. That began here in Gainesville with my loss of work at The Swamp. The man who connected me with his son, part owner of The Swamp, is a best friend at a higher level of our lives, but he has a very different way of doing business than I have, and from the information I gather it has much to do with the provision of escape, which is exactly what a number of college age girls took advantage of when our story began coming to life.

It had all too similar an appearance to the Gainesville Ripper's killing spree in 1990, except where the ethic of his (Danny Rolling's) brutal event was evil, our explosion was merely chaotic. We are working a slow healing of life from death here beginning in Gainesville, and it took a full twenty-seven years to bring evil to becoming the chaos where we now have it. It will take another twenty-seven years to bring chaos to being goodness, and that's supposedly when I will become able to turn my direction in time back toward my own truest place in time, which is about 1500 years ago.

Our chaotic event had me confessing love awkwardly to five special girls, who are to me as Sonja Larson, Christina Powell, Christa Hoyt, Tracy Paules, and Julie Grissom are to Danny Rolling. In each case, these are five closest loves, but the communication of that love was buried within the deadliness of where we have been mortally incarnate. These love relationships in my life will take some centuries, I'm given to believe, to complete in the healing process, but this is where we made our start.

The death that we are reenlivening here in Gainesville supposedly only allows for one monogamy, and that is between me and my simplest love, whom I can only yet name as Svāhā (though her initials W. and S. remind us of S(v/w)āhā, as is her middle name very similar to the name of her higher self Lakṣmī) due to the chaos of our clash. Theoretically, my second love Dakṣiṇā and I will become able to share marriage after the friend I mentioned (whose son partially owns The Swamp) and I have it out in St. Louis with the healing of mean attitude that we began during that event last year. My third love, whom I name as Śacī, and I won't be married before Santa Barbara.