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I believe I still have my original dark web site, but I'm mostly right now working from a computer that can't access it, so it may be a week or two before I do. For now, I'm using this page to develop the material I'll upload there. First, I'll try to explain my thinking in why I'm choosing to adjust my creativity in that particular way.

Ascension and completion include a very careful process of saving the soul from attachment to those subsidies down here which had intensified challenging dualities such as pleasure and pain, good and evil, intelligence and stupidity. All the way down to mid-base level, the true soul itself has very little of its own strength, but is rather fortified by significantly higher levels of its own conscience, and often conscientiousness from willing associates and neighbors. The removal of “false ego” is a very standard part of salvation and ascension.

Forwardness and backwardness are terms used to describe different aspects of our awareness and function, where forward feet, hands, ears, digestion, sexuality, voice, eyes, etc. have their own bio-social authorities, meaning they are trustworthy and adequately independant in their own work. Backward instances of these faculties might have spacio-temporal existance and movement, but are acting upon command from above rather than being self-manifest and reliable.

I have for decades been using chemical and electronic media to slowly reverse the backwardness in my own life toward the forward life I intend theurgically into heaven. I'm still very low in the process: early in my life the effort was to restore pedestrial (feet) affirmation, and so my true ascension began close to the age of twenty. Then for the next decade I was resolving manual (hands) backwardness, and ever since 2007's the Nexus of the Crises (May 2nd/3rd was the mark that actor David Hasselhoff left exactly halfway between September 11th, 2001, and December 21st, 2012 - the “two ones” crises), I've been working with cleaner conscience for peace on Earth.

My endeavor now is toward the truing of the ears. Aurally, my ears have reached steady schedule, meaning I've resolved backward force, but am slowing toward standstill and turnaround in 2025. I am choosier in whom I listen to, and in the way I listen. Life is optimism, as I have assured myself through a decade now of practice with my mantra, “affirmation is my one and only one solution.”

The reversal of the digesive process, whose focus is 2043, is the significant next step after, and this is the goal my dietary and electro-creative changes are seeking. Step by step, decade by decade, I am concluding my efforts with those media that have been moving such evaluated baggage as seemed close to me. Dextromethorphan (the dissociative psychedelic that I found to be the fabled nectar of immortality) and the Internet's Facebook were very instrumental in the removal of manual backwardness for many years, while alcohol and my own web site creativity were motivationally forward from there.

Where chemistry is digested orally, electronic media is digested visually, but to one another they have pedestrial adjacency, which is relevant in the workings of what ascension truly is. Step by step, I have been cleansing myself of any falsely egoistic attachments at close range. Though I do have some dear friends and lasting love interests in connection with Facebook, and though many of you have been very generous to visit my private web site here, I still have some work to do with caffeine and the dark web beyond clearnet (the Internet).

Vertical altitude (z-axis) and sleepiness are the qualities I'm shifting at this stage, where I've become very satisfied with my horizontal latitude (y-axis) relativity, at least in the vision of what Heaven will eventually be as those of us who acknowledged common interest down here learn to make up to the lifestyle we came down from a century or more ago. I don't need approval of the Jesus story, but I was plenty expressive of my “ego,” be it true or false for any audience in particular. I just do love life, even if for some time I'm very alone in my philosophizing; thanks, again.

I'll give contact info here in a week or two once I activate link to my dark web site