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As our ascension plan is explained better to me, I'm trying to do my best to enliven my part of it. At least theoretically, I'm working with a great group of persons from many different lifestyles. I'm one of the simplest of them.

Many of them work with different descension - ascension schedules. For instance, I'm told that Jon Anderson's (of rock band Yes) group is eighteen years earlier than ours while Donnie Van Zant's (of rock band 38 Special) group is eighteen years later than ours. So while there are many of us synchronizing, we are still very close to other levels of awareness and enthusiasm and truth.

I happen to be in a position of simplest lifestyle to six levels of our universe: at that sixth level of ascension I have chosen to identify theurgically with Nārada Muni. His revelation is threefold: ‘Praise - Naked - Self,’ and its subdivisions work with me (in ‘praise’), with actor Topher Grace (in revelation of ‘nakedness’), and with actor David Duchovny (in ascertainment of affiliate ‘self’). My own work with Praise theurgizes upwardly toward Lord Nṛsiṃhadeva where I have some alter ego work (as Gaṇeśa's simplicity) with University of Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel, actor Robert Redford (Kārttikeya, Gaṇeśa's brother), glamour model Marcello Bravo, and another love of Little Caprice's (Markéta Štroblová), said love being Gaṇeśa's complexity.

Within Praise, as within each of Nakedness and authorization of Self, there are four subdivisions: Idealism, Optimism, Cooperativity, and Normalcy. My own simplicity is Idealism, where Optimism within our Praise group is given by Atlantean musician Stephen Stills (“Love the One You're With”), where Cooperativity is authorized by my Lemurian friend Bill here on the streets of Gainesville, and where Normalcy is represented by my Hyperborean pastor Larry Reimer of the United Church of Gainesville. Significant attitude differences are carried by each of the four of us.

Coming down further in the vegetal designs of our lifestyles, my own idealism has distinctions, where my own subdivision is monism, my Godfather Jeff Munnis' is monogamy, our friend Mike Mansingh's lifestyle is polygamous but monotheistic, and where Bill Perry's truth is polytheistic. There are furtherations, but these descriptions are adequate for the truth I'm trying to develop here in Gainesville for now. Any who would be very close to me would be truly what monists are.