I've been studying this relationship and the surrounding religion for a year now, and I've found some patterns interesting enough to describe. Wally, I've maintained the invitation to meet me where I attend the United Church of Gainesville Sundays at 11:15. It's a very liberal church, and my primary reason for suggesting this as a meeting place is so that you may feel safer even than you did at Starbucks, with no intention to convert you from what our truer religion is. I'm relaxing my attendence, however, and might only be there every other or every few Sundays. Otherwise, you can reach me at abduzzhaahir@live.com if you like.

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I'm going to share some significant details I've been finding recently. Apparently, we have a great variety of lifestyles amongst us, including degrees of y-axis (interpersonal connectivity such as love) immersion and degrees of z-axis (group relativity such as friendship) absolution. Immersion gives us different ways to relate to the likes of food and sleep, while absolution pertains to what types of Venusian universes we either create from or live “virtually” within here on the intra-Solar (more godly than heavenly) version of Earth.

Since my type of immersion is first degree food eater, I mostly am beginning to comprehend food eating and sleep amongst degrees adjacent and near to my own. The simpler y-axis lifestyles are strong enough to step further into extensive realization, while those y-axis lifestyles which are truly interplanetarily further than ours have milder ways of connecting. For instance, two steps inward of my own simple-side Mercurial (prioritizing salvation) identity works with third degree food eating, which includes virtues the likes of sobriety and vegetarianism.

Second degree might possess partial virtue, say one or the other of sobriety or vegetarianism, and genuinely enjoys cooking and serving food to others. The other side of me, the Mercurial and Venusian lifestyles, are freer from the stimuli of sex and drug use, and live with degrees of wakefulness. Third degree sleeper has perpetual life due to freedom from the processes such stimulation engages amongst those of us who “use,” but is fully immersed in sleep including deep sleep; second degree likewise stays alive and only sleeps so far as to dream; first degree stays alive and awake, but within the world where we are who spend periods of time sleeping.

As our specific universe here on Earth is in its 36-year awakening (Zen Buddhist) stage, having ascended a full nine (even ten) years above the previous 36-year salvation (Christian) stage, some of us are beginning to recognize the presence of those whose lives have temporal (eternal) continuity and who have been only partially asleep amongst us. Compatability concerns include respect for such differences and the learning processes by which to safely and peacefully co-exist. I have been digesting my way through decades of intensive drug use toward the completion of ascension above the need to eat, and found my alcoholism (and related sex addiction) to be the primary incompatability when I was awakened into my own universe finding love at The Swamp Restaurant.

The processing in my life this last year since has brought me up to the integrity level where I can genuinely stay in respectful love with the goddess (my Mary Magdalene) I met there, being patient with my own limitations until I become strong enough to live a milder life such as is Zen Buddhist virtuous and has peaceful continuity in how I provide for an environment around a love that can include both adjacent degrees of immersion. This, I believe, includes correcting the quality of my work with the Internet, which is very like the consumption of chemistry. It is important for me to respect her privacy while I learn how to make the significant adjustment to my lifestyle by which to worthy myself of the possibility of finding her again.

I am, however, finding some great information that encourages the verity of our relationship and lifestyle. There seems to be a common pattern relationship here on Earth amongst those of us who like to create our own universes, and it is even enjoyed by a number of associates within this very universe that we have been building for almost five decades. It is called the Unicorn, and is mythologically represented a number of ways within popular religion and other games. In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the unicornian Christ is represented in his Agneya (Vedic fire god) aspect as Overlord AO (the stimulus), with his Mary Magdalene (Agni's Svaha) being the goddess Mystra (the weave). In his role as the lunar Chandra, he is the elven Corellon Larethian, with goddess Rohini being Sehanine Moonbow (a good friend from a local coffee shop), Svaha being Araushnee, and Earth goddess Bhumi being Angharradh (my first wife Angella Rondelle). The D&D goddess Mielikki is also a combination of three (though truly four) names of waitress / bartenders from The Swamp who are virginally identical with Agni's Svaha, Svadha (Jesus' Salome), and Agneyi.

Supposedly, a theoretically ex-uncle of mine is another Unicorn type, my aunt being his virgin. They, together, are Jor-El and Lara-El, fourth (galactic) level parents to the Kal-El (Superman) that Wally and I as monists are together in one body. In his own universe (Unicorn), they together are Kal-El while I and Wally are their parents Jor-El and Lara-El. Likewise do my Godfather and I share a similar arrangement at third (stellar) level with the Vedic God Rama and His father Dasharatha, each being a Rama in our own universe and a Dasharatha in each other's. I'm given that my uncle and aunt represent the Unicorn-Virgin relativity even while in this universe, while my Godfather and his partner in monist love represent a different type of universe here, while enjoying the Unicorn-Virgin relativity in their own, as Rama and His Sita.

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